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Destination Wedding in Cozumel, Mexico

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Cozumel is the most paradisiacal island of the Mexican Caribbean, surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters, home to one of the best reef systems in the world. The sunsets are magical and with soft white sand between your toes. There is simply no more stunning setting for a beach wedding than Cozumel, Mexico.

Catrina & Will chose Cozumel for their perfect destination wedding in Mexico, they pick Presidente InterContinental Cozumel Resort & Spa as the venue for a weekend full of love and laughter.

Take a look at the story of that unique day where we join them since early in the morning, we are glad to say than more than just photographers we became friends.

The event designer was Erik de Abreu and the Wedding Planner of the resort Lilia Garrido, they took care of every detail and it was just as Catrina & Will imagined

Their wedding package includes video coverage, take a look at the Highlights of their amazing wedding in Cozumel, we are very honoured to be part of this special day.

"Alan and Renata,

Hope you two are well! Will and I are settling into our lives nicely as newlyweds. We are looking into homeownership as our next big adventure. Who knows, we may even start planning for a family as early as fall of this year!

I want to thank you for spending our wedding weekend with us in Cozumel.

It was the wedding of a lifetime.

wowww, the pictures and the video are amazing!! we are so happy!!

thank you again for capturing these beautiful moments.

Catrina & Will Avery"

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Irich Creativestudio
Irich Creativestudio
Mar 15

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