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Kaitlyn & Ankur Riviera Maya Destination Wedding - Multicultural Celebration of Love!

A day full of joy and life, started with a bright and colorful Indian wedding ceremony followed by a Catholic ceremony, an incredibly beautiful day celebrating at the best destination for weddings, Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Kaitlyn and Ankur met during a walk in the park with their dogs, little they know that this was love at first sniff, both animal lovers and passionates for traveling were just meant for each other, here is where they journey began.

Save the date dogs lovers

Kaitlyn and Ankur started their celebration of love with the traditional Indian wedding attire in red and gold for their Hindu ceremony at Iberostar Grand Paraiso Luxury Resort, set between the vibrant jungle and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean

One of the most cheerful moments was the “Baraat”, where Ankur and his family make the wedding procession all singing and dancing with music, Ankur chose to make this procession with and special guest, a gorgeous white horse. What a great way to arrive to his wedding!

Kaytlin is such a lovely bride, every moment she was pampered by her bridesmaids and Ankur’s sisters, they helped her to get ready with the beautiful dress, the colors and textures were intimate and revealing at same time, making it perfect for this special day.

For the following ceremony, Kaitlyn made a wardrobe change into a lovely wedding gown and Ankur into a blue sober suit for their Catholic ceremony in the church of the Iberostar Grand Hotel.. Their family and friends enjoyed a great day together in paradise. The Iberostar staff and I Do Celebrations Wedding Planners Claudia & Lyllian, did a fantastic job of putting together this day of two ceremonies and a wonderful reception too!

Kaitlyn & Ankur’s Riviera Maya destination wedding was a multicultural celebration of love! The blending of both their traditions into one occasion was unique, a very personal way for Kaitlyn & Ankur Patel to come together and unite their families.

Indian weddings are always an adventure for photographers. We can’t wait to hear from you about all the amazing things you have planned for your big weekend!

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