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Trash The Dress Photoshoot in Riviera Maya

One of our favorite trends in destination weddings are the “Trash the Dress” photo session after the wedding.

If you are having a destination wedding in Mexico, Riviera Maya your should definitely try the beach or underwater trash the dress photoshoot, it will bring you stunning and memorable photos. It is a great experience for you and your partner, after all the stress and emotions of your big day, this session is super relaxed and sexy, a couple bonding moment that we’ll capture in a unique way.

Cenotes and Beaches in Riviera Maya are the perfect background for this sessions, the clear turquoise water and the sandy beaches will make you look amazing.

Still not convinced? Check out these lovely trash the dress moments from some our favorite real wedding couples:

Either you do it a couple of days after the wedding or you come for your honeymoon or wedding anniversary, just pack your dress in your suitcase and live this amazing experience. The session is almost a tour, we’ll take your the best secluded locations in Riviera Maya to have an intimate session where you fell comfortable trashing your dress. Be a fearless bride!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, meanwhile here are some common questions brides have asked and a piece of advise on this growing wedding trend.

I don’t want to fully Trash the dress, is there another option?

If you’re not sold on completely trashing your dress, your can just do the beach session, you’ll be walking (sometimes running) along the shoreline and just a little wet and sandy feet

A trash the dress shoot at the ocean doesn’t mean you need to get in the water. Laying on the sand as the waves crash around you is sexy and sultry.

Does the dress really get trashed?

No, your dress will not get trashed… unless of course that is what you’re asking for.

Okay, sure, a bead might fall off, some lace might get torn, but the idea that TTD means your dress is definitely going in the garbage afterwards is just not true!

splashing in the water, or rolling around the sandy beach will leave your dress dirty, no question—but nothing that a good dry clean can’t fix!

I’m not a very good swimmer, can I still get underwater trash the dress?

We aways ask first if you know how to swim, we’ll choose the right location for your photoshoot even if you are not a good swimmer, safety first! We’ll take you to cenotes where you can mostly stand and there’s always an assistant to help us if needed or even we drop the cameras and help you, even if you are a good swimmer, the dress might make it difficult and tired but totally worth it.

Should I bother doing my hair or makeup?

We know this session is more relaxed and casual and so your hair and make up, you can do it yourself but we always recommend to get it done but professionals that use waterproof products and can recommend the best style for you and don't forget to bring some make up for touch up. Looking your best also helps you feel your best, and that’s exactly the attitude we want for your trash the dress photoshoot. Here are some recommendations: VOEvolution, KIKA Mua, Hello Beauty

I can wear my wedding dress or should I buy another dress for the TTD?

You bought an amazing wedding dress and you only get to wear it once? Use your wedding dress! Be sure that the dress fits you well and gives you the freedom to move comfortably and swim.

The dresses don’t really get damaged they just get dirty! The water in the cenotes is so clean that your dress might be whiter after the session. However, you can wear your wedding dress just for some styled shoots outside of the cenote or beach and then change for another simpler dress for adventurous part of the session

A good tip is to bring a white/nude bathing suit, this make it easier to change dresses and you are covered if the dress come up in the water.

What should the groom wear?

We also recommend to use pants and shirt you used for the wedding, although light colors are better such us khakis, linen or cotton pants, lightweight clothing allows you to be comfortable swimming. Light and bright colors look great in the dark cenotes but colorful boxers or undershirts might be more visible than expected!

What is the price for a trash the dress photoshoot in Riviera Maya?

You’ll find lots of options for this session, the most important thing is that you trust your photographer, also experience in this session and find a style that matches yours. We love authentic couples with adventurous spirt, we are not your normal photographers! Take a look at our session options and prices at

Underwater Trash The Dress Photoshoot TIPS!

  • Don’t forget to wear sunblock, biodegradable if possible to protect the cenotes environment and apply even before the wedding, the whole time you are here, you don’t want red lines on your skin in your pictures!

  • We need you full of energy, get a good rest the night before and start your day early at a healthy breakfast. Leave one day after you wedding to rest and then the next day schedule your trash the dress photoshoot, we don’t want hangover to ruin your adventure!

  • Please bring towels, white/suit bathing suit and an extra change of clothes.

  • Bring your veil, high hells or any other detail you want to include in your session.

  • You’re going to need all of the hydration, we’ll bring water and snacks to the session but make sure you drink enough water.

The most important thing is to have fun, so don’t be nervous, relax and enjoy the experience. The biggest rule to our relationship as your photographer is, TRUST US!

If your are ready to book your trash the dress session or you want more information, please contact us and we'll be glad to assist you. CONTACT US

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