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You, the ocean and me

Lucille, a french beautiful women, passionate for photography and travel lover. Carlos, a handsome mexican man, tequila lover and a traveler from hearth. Destiny found them, of course, traveling in the middle of the OCEAN, both were crew members cruising on the caribbean seas and this is when the adventure began....

Cozumel is the favorite port of the crew members and Lucille and Carlos were not the exception, they fell in love in this beautiful island and continue traveling around the world until finally they decided to come back to the place their love was born and get married there with an amazing sunset as a background.

Sky Reef Beach Club in Cozumel was the perfect location for their destination wedding, wooden decor, caribbean delicious food, beautiful ocean view, tequila and dancing all together!

Both Lucille and Carlos are expert swimmers, they even were lifeguards! For sure they were so excited about their Trash The Dress Session at the Cenotes in Riviera Maya, we all enjoyed so much this session, they were literally dancing underwater!

Thank you for sharing this adventure with me!

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