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Esmeralda & Lazaros – The Mexican/Greek not so big fat destination wedding in Riviera Maya

Maybe because i live here and love my country, but there really is an indescribable magic about Mexico. The beauty, the food, the kindness of our people, the hot weather, and the idea of being in a Caribbean place where anything can happen. Esmeralda & Lazaros wedding embodies all of that magic.

What started as a crazy adventure flying from a country to another, living magic weekends, became a truly connection with each other, it wasn’t easy but it was so worth it: They went to Las Vegas without knowing they will met their future love, they met on the elevator of their hotel, they were supposed to leave the next day but they extended their stay and spend the day together, everything lined up so perfectly to bring this two together, it was truly a Las Vegas Fairy tale, but most fairy tales don’t end up with the couple going back to their respective homes 3000 km away, that part of the story, the months they spent away from each other and then Esme moving to New York and their first months living together trying to understand each other as a couple, those were the months that challenged their relationship and made it stronger.

As Esme being mexican and Laz greek but both living in New York, they decided for a mid point to gather their closest family and friends, they chose a destination wedding in Riviera Maya, the perfect venue for they celebration was The magnificent villa Hacienda del Mar, located right on the sandy Fatima Bay beach in Puerto Aventuras, just one hour south of Cancun. Designed with original hacienda features, unique ornaments and wonderful Mexican art. A myriad of colors combine and contrast creating a vibrant feeling of Mexico.

The Lobsters, as they called each other, did a first look so they could take advantage of the gorgeous ocean view terrace.

The sunset ceremony was filled with emotion and happy tears, they Seal their vows with a big telenovela kiss and a sip of mexican water as they refer to tequila shots!

The reception was everything you might expect from a guest list that included people from New York, Mexico and Greece, the Hacienda del Mar court yard is adorned with Mexican trinkets and artwork all inspiring a true Mexican flavor.

What better way to celebrate, than dance. From Greek dances to mariachi, they did it with entertaining dance moves, big smiles and hugs, by the end of the night everybody jumped into the pool (even us and our cameras got splashed!) it was the perfect refreshing end for a great day.

Esme & Laz, your wedding was truly amazing! enjoying it with you was a privilege; chronicling it for you, an honour. Thanks for trusting us with these memories. Here’s to enjoying them again and again.

Salud, Yamas, Cheers!

P.S. Keep finishing each other...sandwiches!

In this wedding we partnered with Arturo & Liz, amazing cinematographer from I Do Me Too Films, take a look at their video highlight

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Irich Creativestudio
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